Friday, 23 March 2012

Adding to my collection

Okay so I've been super busy this last week, but I'm back now! Ranting and raving as always.. 
So I was crazy busy, but that doesn't mean I didn't get a chance to squeeze in some shopping - that'd be unheard of! A week without any shopping what soever... how would one survive?

I was doing my nails and decided my collection (which comprises of as few at 18 or so polishes) is disgraceful and that i am in dire need. So off to Chapel st I went. I entered the dreaded doors of Topshop yet again! (I'll have to have a rant on why I'm not the biggest fan...) Again I was totally unenthused.. I did however venture over to the cosmetics section, which I had not visited before. I liked. I really liked. :) Great selection of polishes, good choice of lippies etc.. so I grabbed the two on the left, they are Domestic Goddess on the left & Eyes of Steel to the right. Big fan of the colours. Eyes of Steel in particular. Ah-mazing. It's pretty much liquid glitter in a purple tinge.. Quality though, meh. Not amazing. Though I'm not sure it was a fair test cause I did it pretty quickly and probably didn't let the layers fully dry so I shall reserve my critique for a later date when I can do a proper job.
I do love the packaging of the Topshop ones.. I'd buy them just for that! 

As for the for the purple magenta gem on the far right is Lucky Star from Sportsgirl, (can't get a link for it cause the Sportsgirl site is retarded..) absolutely stunning colour.. One layer gives you this amazing purple tinge, add a couple more and you have an amazing metallic magenta tone on your toes!

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